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Rugged Edge Blades

Grizzly Timberline

Grizzly Timberline

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Introducing the embodiment of strength and elegance: the High Carbon Damascus Steel Knife with a touch of wilderness charm. This exceptional blade is a testament to precision engineering and timeless design, meticulously crafted to exceed expectations.

Forged from premium High Carbon Damascus steel, the blade not only boasts exceptional durability but also showcases an exquisite Damascus steel pattern that mesmerizes the eye with its intricate beauty. With a blade length of 4 inches, it offers unparalleled precision and versatility, ready to conquer any cutting task with grace and efficiency.

But the true essence lies in the handle. Carved from rich Black Walnut wood, it radiates warmth and sophistication, each grain telling a story of resilience and endurance. Adding to its allure, a majestic bear is intricately engraved onto the handle, capturing the spirit of the wild and infusing the knife with a sense of adventure.

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